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Welcome to MiscDotGeek! If it’s geeky, it’ll be here eventually. QRP, home brewing (electronics, not beer), welding, bicycles, and more. If I’ve dabbled in it, you’re bound to find a post about it here.

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Salvaging old CB’s for QRP Parts: Part 3

In this third installment of Salvaging old CB's for QRP Parts, we're taking a slightly different turn. I still have another CB to tear into for the next post, but for this one, we're changing ...
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Salvaging old CB’s for QRP Parts: Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of "Salvaging old CB's for QRP Parts"! In part 1 of this series, we described how we found a bin of CB radios and accessories at an estate sale some ...
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Finishing a QRP Guys Para40Set

A few weeks ago, David KA4ZUC posted on the QRP Amateur Radio Facebook group: He was unable to finish his Para40Set radio kit because of some physical limitations, and asked if he could pay somebody ...
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Salvaging old CB’s for QRP Parts: Part 1

About three years ago, I stopped at a garage sale on the way to a friends home. It turned out to be an estate sale full of goodies for a guy like me, always looking ...
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IOT Emergency Alert with RPi and Notify17

Today's post outlines a project that I threw together in as short of time as possible because there was an urgent need for it. As readers of This Blog may know, my wife is quite ...
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