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Welcome to MiscDotGeek! If it’s geeky, it’ll be here eventually. QRP, home brewing (electronics, not beer), welding, bicycles, and more. If I’ve dabbled in it, you’re bound to find a post about it here.

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Replacing Relays in the BITX Radios

In this post, we're going to show you how you can replace the relays in a BITX40 radio. You can use the same method to replace the relays in your uBITX too. Use caution and ...
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QRP Labs VFO, bare PCB with just the audio amplifier stage and a power strip to the left side of the board.

Building a Direct Conversion Receiver: Part 1

In this series of posts I'm going to take you on a journey. We're going to explore the Direct Conversion receiver together, and I'm going to show you every bit of the journey that I ...
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L-Match Tuner Build for QRP Operation

In this post we're going to build an L-Match tuner for your QRP wire antenna. But you might ask: Why do I need a box between a bit of wire and my transmitter? That's a ...
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Getting Started with JS8Call – One of best things going in Digital HF!

Today we're going to talk about JS8Call. What's JS8Call? If you're a ham radio operator on HF, then you likely know all about FT8 and what it's done for (or to, depending on your perspective...) ...
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Building the QSX PA: First Impressions

As shown in A Previous Post, the QRP Labs QSX is on its way. It's a SDR based all mode HF rig, 80m through 10m. It'll be digital ready, too which is very cool! Recently we ...
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