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Welcome to MiscDotGeek! If it’s geeky, it’ll be here eventually. QRP, home brewing (electronics, not beer), welding, bicycles, and more. If I’ve dabbled in it, you’re bound to find a post about it here.

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A Personal Milestone: Published on Paper

As far back as I can remember, I have had a fondness for words and language. Even in the second grade, learning the roots of words, their suffixes and prefixes, and so many things surrounding ...
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Ununs, A new End Fed, and Homebrew Capacitors [YouTube]

Things have been pretty hectic here at Chez Geek, but I've made some time this month to work on a new project. Now that the QCX Mini 20 is all fixed up, and I'm making ...
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QCX Mini Troubleshooting and Repair Tips

If you've been keeping up on the MiscDotGeek YouTube channel or the QRP Labs Groups.io forum, then you're likely aware that the QCX Mini has had some teething issues. We've already covered the C38 problem, ...
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QCX Mini: C38 Retrospective, and some Troubleshooting

If you've been following along on my YouTube Channel, you'll find that I've been having issues getting any sideband cancellation with my QCX Mini. I've been troubleshooting it. See the video below for some information ...
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Building the QCX Mini: What Tools do you Need?

Now that the QCX Mini's are arriving, hams around the world are looking at the little tiny package that comes in the post and are wondering if they have the tools to build this diminutive ...
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