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Welcome to MiscDotGeek! If it’s geeky, it’ll be here eventually. QRP, home brewing (electronics, not beer), welding, bicycles, and more. If I’ve dabbled in it, you’re bound to find a post about it here.

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QCX: Tips for Winding T1

A lot of hams get pretty stressed out when they think about winding the main transformer in the QCX,. T1. It's got 4 sets of windings on it, and looks intimidating- But it isn't! In ...
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Critical QCX Mini Update and some Mini Tips

On 12/3/2020, Hans Summers of QRP Labs released the QCX Mini- a truly miniature 5W CW transceiver. By the December 7, all 997 units were sold! It was definitely exciting to see the response to ...
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QCX Mini: Winding and Installing T1

A lot of hams have expressed trepidation about winding and installing T1 on a QCX Mini, QCX+ or even the original QCX, since they're all the same. T1 looks hard because there are four windings ...
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QCX Mini Unboxing, and How to learn CW?

Just a week ago, the QCX Mini was released to the world. 997 units sold out in just 4 days, and we were fortunate to get one in the nick of time! It showed up ...
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QRP Labs QCX Mini is Here!

Article Updated 12/3/20: New video and links to shopping cart at QRP LabsQRP Labs' latest incarnation of the venerable QCX QRP CW Transceiver is here! Hans Summers announced the availability on the QRP Labs Groups.io ...
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