Adventures in Hard Drives

Adventures in Servers, Part II

Adventures in Servers

So, the site is loading on its new server. DNS is setup, the whole bit. I’m using Virtualmin on CentOS 7. Previously, I was using a VPS provided by my employer, but they are laying off their remote workforce, and so my server, and my job, are going away. It’s time that I had an employer-independent hosting solution for a while, so here it is. We’re at OVH on a little $3.49USD/mo VPS- but it has an impressive (for the price) 2GB memory and so far has handled traffic just fine. We did have some downtime due to me screwing up the firewall config and not realizing it, but I suppose I was just anxious to get the setup complete and forgot a couple of steps. Setting up a secure LAMP server is time consuming!

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