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October Trike Update

In the September Trike Update, we went over the whole New Welder thing, and left off with the seat mounts being done and the main tube being notched to introduce an angle to it. The bottom bracket shell had been cleaned up and ready to build with, and with the addition of the front tube …

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Come Join the QRP-Tech Group!

I recently joined a group at groups.io called “qrp-tech”. It started in 2005 on Yahoo Groups, and eventually ended up over at groups.io. I was thrilled to find such a treasure trove of information and a thriving QRP community. Imagine my sorrow when just days later the group admin decided he was ready to move …

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Time Lapse Camera with the Raspberry Pi Zero W: Part 2

In April of 2018, I posted the article “Time Lapse Camera with the Raspberry Pi Zero W: Part 1” and introduced the project. At the end of that article I said that I needed more progress to cal it complete. I said “The photos aren’t time stamped except in the filename, and I need to …

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The BITX40 is dead. Long Live the BITX40!

In December 2016, Ashhar Farhan and the company HF Signals in India released the BITX40, a simple SSB radio for 40 meter HF. For $45, one could buy the kit with its preassembled board and minimal soldering required to be on the air. Soon after, it was packaged with an Arduino/si5351 based digital tuning mechanism …

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DSB Digital: Friend, or Foe?

I recently became aware that there are companies selling Double Side Band radios for use on digital HF frequencies (FT8 specifically) on 40m, 30m, and 20m. In this post we’re going to take a look at what these rigs are, what they were originally designed for, and then you can decide whether these should be …

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