BITX40 Builds: M6YPA’s 3D Printed Case and Microphone

BITX40 Builds: AB1OP and the PC Power Supply Case

Ralph [AB1OP] shared his BITX40 build on the BITX40 Facebook group this week. For his build he’s re-purposed an older PC Power Supply case, and given it a custom printed front panel. Ralph explains what it took:

A tight fit

“This is my BITX40 pcb in an old PC PSU enclosure – just enough room. In fact I re-soldered the LM7805 to the back side of the Raduino board in order to close the cover with out bending the 5v regulator out of the way. This photo is after I cleaned out the unused wires on the 8 pin connector and replaced the DDS connection wires with a small diameter coax. I also put in the recommended bypass caps between Pin1 of LM7805 and GND. The clicks are still there just not as annoying. Also note I colored the 12V and PA power connectors with a red magic marker. Just being cautious. Then, I gave the Bitx40 a front panel facelift. Doesn’t improve performance or functionality but it increases the shack photogenic factor.”

Yup, it sure does! It’s a nice build, and we like the re-use of old PC parts. It’s a tight fit for sure, but there’s enough vertical room in a PC PSU case that hacking on the BITX40 is still plenty possible. I also thought about using a PC PSU enclosure, but ended up using it for my L-Match tuner instead.

Many thanks to Ralph for sharing the content. Would you like to have your BITX40 build featured on Email KC7RYS at, and let me know.



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