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BITX40 VFO/BFO with Arduino

Last year I wrote that Arduino was so easy, but I didn’t really follow up on that. A few days ago, RC (KE6BGN) commented that he was wondering if any progress had been made on the Arduino based VFO/BFO for the BITX40. There has been, and I have made a short video for your viewing pleasure:

This VFO will also be handy for the Bitx Easy when it’s released, as they’ll be selling a version with and without a VFO/BFO included.

Parts List

Here are the parts used to make the Arduino VFO/BFO, all available on Amazon or at QRP-Labs:

QRP-Labs Links
Si5351A synthesizer module kit
Arduino Shield Kit

Amazon Links
Arduino Starter Kit (Comes with breadboard, USB, instructions, a great deal to start Arduino with- it’s how I myself started)
16×2 LCD Display w/ I2C adapter
Rotary Encoder(s) (Any will work, this is very like what I used)
For details on how to power it, check out the the 5v Power Supply for Arduino and more

The Awful Sketch

In the video I mentioned that I didn’t want to share the sketch because it’s That Bad, but I have since changed my mind. It’s important to share our successes but even more so to share our failures or the real hacks that got us by, whether they be pretty or just pretty awful. This sketch is just awful, but it does work. The biggest struggle I had was adjusting the Upper and Lower Sideband frequencies- once I got all the math right. The uBITX sketch is heavily modified to a single conversion superhet and the tuning rates are adjusted. Features I don’t need or want have been commented out or removed altogether. If you decide to use it, please don’t hold me responsible! :p

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