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QDX: Sold Out in 14 Minutes! Will There Be More?

The QDX went on sale today for at 1800Z for a total of 14 minutes. In that 14 minutes, all 450 units sold- a record for QRP Labs for sure! When will there be more? And will we be able to use an amplifier? What about other bands than 80, 40, 30, and 20 meters? …

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QRP Labs Goes Digital: The QDX Arrives!

We all know QRP Labs, purveyors of QRP kits, headed by QRP Hall of Fame member Hans Summers. They’re known primarily for the QCX and its variant, the QCX+ and QCX Mini. But today, Hans released a new product that’s sure to shake up the QRP Digital world: The QDX, a four band QRP digital …

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