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Toroid Tip #4: Counting!

The DC40 is complete- and dual band!

In December 2018, we published 5 articles all based on the DC40 project, starting with Part 1. We last left off with a few pieces that definitely made up a receiver. But, it was just parts on the bench and really needed a case. Then in February 2019 we picked up a Panasonic AM/FM Cassette clock radio for a couple of bucks, and tore it down to nothing. But there was a purpose to that!

And so it is that I present to you the completed DC40. It’s now a 40m and 20m receiver and it works nicely! The audio is a bit light in this video, but I was able to resolve that by re-adding a capacitor on the LM386 that I’d removed for testing and forgotten about. I even received Japan on 40 meters with it. The DC40 is happy living in its new AM/FM radio. Check out the video and pictures, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. […] One of my greatest joys of ham radio is repurposing things. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fishing pole for an antenna or stripping out old CAT5 cable for experimental wire antenna, or using fittings from old CBs. Earlier this year I found an old AM/FM clock radio that I stuffed my DC40 project into. […]

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