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Excellent QRP, Homebrew, and DIY YouTube Channels Worth Checking Out

In this post, we’re simply going to show you some YouTube channels that you should check out, and subscribe to them if you like them. First up is Mark, G0MGX. His channel focuses on QRP Homebrew, and he has a great approach to how he builds. Here has an excellent series on scratch building a BITX40 that is a great introduction to his channel. Here’s a look:

After that, we’ve got one of my favorites, Peter Parker VK3YE. His videos have a very unique quality about them. Peter is very straightforward and easy to follow. I genuinely appreciate that he tells you exactly what he thinks about something. The following video is a great representation of his videos and I particularly enjoyed it:

Next up is the SolderSmoke podcast and YouTube Channel. These guys are all QRP and homebrew, and are another one of my favored resources. The Podcast and blog are at , and their YouTube channel:

And what kind of writer would I be if I didn’t promote my own! Sometimes I post things on YouTube long before I write about them in This Space. Please, check it out and subscribe to all of these great channels!

More Great YouTube Channels

I’d be remiss if I didn’t’ mention some of my other favorites. First is Sampson Boat Co, who is rebuilding a 110 year old yacht called Tally Ho. Leo is a wonderful videographer and talented craftsman. His videos are a joy to watch. My wife and I watch all of his videos together. Please subscribe to him and share:

And last but not least, these two crazy Brits who are rebuidling a Mini Cooper with a Celica engine and running gear. They’re incredible for all the same reasons that Leo and Tally Ho are, but completely different! You’ll love their sense of humor! Richard and Nick make some great videos. They’ve been rebuilding Project Binky for 6 years now, and they’re getting very close to being done. Their attention to detail is unmatched. And their brackets. So many brackets. This is where I learned about CAD: Cardboard Aided Design. Have a look:

Be sure to share your favorite channel in the comments below!

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