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The DC40 is complete- and dual band!

MiscDotGeek talks Radio Homebrew on W5KUB!

Here at MiscDotGeek we’ve been pretty busy with Real Life Stuff, and it’s been hard to find time to hack on radios lately. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have time to talk about hacking on radios! And that’s exactly what we did last week on the W5KUB Amateur Radio Roundtable broadcast. In fact, we had a nice conversation about Direct Conversion receivers with Martin Jue of MFJ fame. What a nice fellow he is!

MiscDotGeek meets MFJ!

Check out the show below! We covered many aspects of radio homebrew and featured some of the elements of the DC40 project that you might be familiar with. If you’re not familiar, then be sure to check out the Direct Conversion Receiver Project posts– you’ll be glad you did! Make sure to leave your questions in the comments below, or just let us know what you thought. 73 de W7RLF

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