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The Bitx Easy: More Details Emerge!

October Trike Update

In the September Trike Update, we went over the whole New Welder thing, and left off with the seat mounts being done and the main tube being notched to introduce an angle to it. The bottom bracket shell had been cleaned up and ready to build with, and with the addition of the front tube and head tube, had a rolling chassis for the first time.

October was productive, and there was a lot of work done on the trike! We’ll discuss each portion and add a couple of pictures.

Brake Bosses

While I’d have loved to have used disk brakes, the wheelset I have doesn’t have them, and I don’t have the cash to go buy a new or even used fat tire wheelset that has disks. Linear pull brakes will do. I robbed the brake bosses from an aluminum frame, and then cut two more from the donor fat tire bike. I experimented with different ways to make the mounts. The pictures tell the story well:

Rear Derailer Mounts

Next up I had to add derailers to both the jackshaft and the left rear wheel mount. The front derailer is already taken care of because the old seat tube mounts it. If you look through the pictures, you’ll see that I initially built the derailer mount without the support tab for the derailer, and also… on the wrong wheel mount! You can imagine the horror. I swapped things around and got it fixed. Still. This is why things take forever.

If you want a play-by-play of this, you can read up at

There was more done in October, but this is enough pictures and story for this time. We’ll bring you Part 2 of the October Update very very soon. And be prepared… it’s been test ridden! Check out @miscdotgeek on Instagram if you want a sneak peek. Stay tuned!

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