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QSX Update: February 2019

Panasonic AM/FM Clock Radio Teardown

Have you ever been at a thrift store and wondered if you should buy that super cheap bit of electronics and salvage or re-use it? In this video we discuss how to tear down such a beast, and discuss things like what makes a good find, what parts can be easily re-used, and how industrial espionage made electrolytic capacitors terrible for several years. There are definitely a couple of awesome surprises in this video. Check it out, and be sure to subscribe here and on YouTube.

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  1. […] I’ve been taking points apart since I used to be as quickly as a number of months dilapidated. Fable has it that I higher than as quickly as disassembled my very own crib! I peaceful like tearing points apart however this degree to day I attempt to specialize in re-the spend of them for different functions. I’ve confirmed this earlier than proper right here on This Weblog the put I took an dilapidated radio and transformed it right into a 20m/40m direct conversion receiver: https://miscdotgeek.com/panasonic-am-fm-clock-radio-teardown/ […]

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