QDX: Sold Out in 14 Minutes! Will There Be More?

The QDX Arrives and The Actual Build Starts

QDX Construction Begins, Despite One Minor Problem!

Yes that’s right, we’ve started on construction of the QRP Labs QDX- Despite one major challenge, that is. Check the video below for details, and make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel for more updates, as I try not to duplicate content too much between the blog and YouTube. They serve different purposes. Thanks!

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    • Fred Spinner W0FMS on October 30, 2021 at 5:45 PM
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    Ha. You do those tapped inductor toroids better than I do. I hate ’em! Like a pro!

    My only suggestion is to go maybe 80 cm instead of the manuals 75 cm on the length of the wire (or maybe 31″ instead of 29.5″). I had to rewind the last two taps because I ran out of wire at 75 cm. And because of that I had a small kink in the wire that I didn’t notice so the 30T to 36T area of my tapped inductor isn’t quite as tightly wound as the rest because I couldn’t pull the wire through. Still fine, toroids get most of their inductance through the turns through center but if I were to wind it again I would do it slightly differently than Hans suggested.

    Oddly I don’t mind making those on binocular cores though. Those are a snap for me.

    So far the QDX is a very quick build but it does have a bunch of hand wound parts. I will keep looking for more of your videos. I am always interested in different ways of building to pick up “best practices”.

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