The DC40 is complete- and dual band!

AF5HD’s L-Match Tuner Build

Toroid Tip #4: Counting!

As a collector of tips and tricks that I can use when building radio stuff. I’m also a writer and I love sharing knowledge. When Todd, N0IP shared a tip that I can’t believe I didn’t think of myself, I just had to write it up! For the other three tips, see the link at the bottom.

Here’s Tip #4, in all its glory:

Yes, there’s a vise. There’s a pen. There’s a toroid being wound. There’s also… a counter! This will definitely make things easier, and save you from having to re-count.

This tally counter can be found online for a few bucks, or you can just download a tally counter app for your phone. I personally already have Click Counter (for Android) on my phone, and will be using it the next time I need to wind a toroid.

For the rest of the tips we’ve collected, check out our post “Building QRP Labs Band Pass Filters: 3 Tips you should know!” 73!

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