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Welcome to MiscDotGeek! If it’s geeky, it’ll be here eventually. QRP, home brewing (electronics, not beer), welding, bicycles, and more. If I’ve dabbled in it, you’re bound to find a post about it here.

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September Trike and Welder Update

September isn’t over, but it’s been a busy month with lots of progress! In the August Update, I mentioned that the welder I had just wasn’t cutting it. The Misc Dot Welder from last year was an exciting purchase, with a promise of delivering 50A of power which is enough to do anything I need …

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Baofeng UV-9R on Sale

I like to keep an eye out for a good deal as much as anyone else, and my jaw about dropped when I saw this deal over at Banggood.com. It’s a dual band 10W HT for $23.99! Pair that with a genuine Nagoya antenna, and you’ve got a pretty decent radio setup for very little. …

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August Trike and Welder Update

In my last post I showed a new project: Building a recumbent trike, and making use of the welder that I picked up on Offerup last year. There’s been a lot of work done, and this post is to summarize that work and show a cool tool tat I was able to make use of. …

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CurlyTP: Every Web Server is a Dead Drop

Wikipedia says that a dead drop is “a method of espionage tradecraft used to pass items or information between two individuals (e.g., a case officer and an agent, or two agents) using a secret location, thus not requiring them to meet directly and thereby maintaining operational security.“ How is it that every web server is …

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MiscDotGeek Welder Update and a New Project Launch!

Last year I posted about a small hobby welder that I’d picked up for only $15. In That Post I showed how nasty and gnarly it was, and a bit about what needed to be done to make it a working welder. Now, hold that thought! In another post I also wrote about how I …

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The Canon Powershot Camera: A Hackers Paradise

Imagine programming your thrift store point and shoot camera to do things no other inexpensive camera can do. Take time lapses, star trail photos, and far more. I’m not talking about raspberry pi’s or arduinos. Instead, I thought it would be neat to show you all my favorite camera in the world. It’s not a …

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Project Brownie Begins

One of my greatest joys of ham radio is repurposing things. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fishing pole for an antenna or stripping out old CAT5 cable for experimental wire antenna, or using fittings from old CBs. Earlier this year I found an old AM/FM clock radio that I stuffed my DC40 project into. …

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QSX Update: June 2019

Welcome to the June 2019 QSX Update. We’ve spent some time collecting information about the QSX and thought you’d like to read it all in one place. At the Four Days In May conference (FDIM), Hans Summers did a presentation about the QSX, and it’s been collected in audio. Both the audio and a slideshow …

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