H701 Tablet Review (Or, “How bad can it be?”)

Inaugural Post (or “About This Blog”)

Welcome to Misc dot Geek dot Com. First Posts are always so lame on blogs, especially when blogs have all of 5 posts and then they are abandoned forever. You always read the first post and it’s all like “I’m a dreamer, and I love to write, and so this is my special place on the interwebz! I’m going to write, and you’re going to love it and we’ll be BFF’s forevar!” and then fizzle out after a month, leave you hanging about whether their cat actually learned to pee in the toilet, and you never hear from them again. That, or their newest post is “Look how awesome my iPhone 4 is compared to the original iPhone!” Way to stay current, bro.

None of that nonsense here. I do like to write, and you might love my blog, but for the most part, I admit that there are going to be huge periods of inactivity. I might leave you hanging on something. This blog is not designed to address a certain subject. If it strikes my fancy, I’ll post about it. I have another blog, http://tidbitsfortechs.com and I like doing that one, but I’ve been needing an outlet that isn’t just limited to stuff for techy people. This is just for me. I hope that others enjoy it, but the success of This Blog is not defined by anything.

As for the name Misc dot Geek dot Com: Do you remember Usenet? If not, go here¬† http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usenet and read up on it. Topics are hierarchical, with names separated by dots. The group “Misc” is designated for¬†miscellaneous topics, and this blog is run by a geek (me) and so Misc.geek would be a newgroup I’d hang out in, if I actually used Usenet. I don’t, in case you’re wondering. I wanted a geeky name for the blog, and Misc dot Geek dot Com defines the blog but also is a good geeky reference, so it won.

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