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JS8 Ragchew vs. Heartbeat

Post Updated 9/9/21 to address comments both here and on Facebook that had some great points! While monitoring JS8 on 40 meters I saw a QSO in progress that seemed to be going nicely, a long “rag chew” in the works. You can imagine my dismay as things went a bit down hill when one …

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Windy Weather Antenna Damage: Fix + JS8Call fun (Video)

In this video we look at what happened to my antenna in a winter storm and build an antenna mast for with less than $10 worth of material. Then we head over to the computer and try it out with JS8Call. Come watch, it’ll be fun! Links mentioned in video: L-Match How To: Jackite …

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uSDX (SSB with a QCX) Update

Earlier this year I wrote about a modification/hack to the the QRP Labs QCX called uSDX that turns a normal CW only QCX into a SSB capable radio. It uses the Atmega 328p chip as an SDR, and uses a high end technology call EER to modulate SSB out of an amplifier made for CW. …

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JS8Call: Another “Zombie” mode?

Before anybody accuses me of a clickbait title, please examine the following comments taken from the JS8Call Facebook group: Over and over again Hams are disappointed with JS8Call because they have the impression that it is a “Zombie” mode, where the majority of stations are automatic, and that human to human QSO’s aren’t as common. …

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August 2020 Update: Camping, Knives, Trike, Truck. And JS8Call.

I know, I know- quite a headline! In this update I’m going to update you on a few things I’ve been working on or doing in August. It was an action packed month. There’s plenty of difficulty to go around too, but I’ll leave that stuff out and stick to the stuff that’s hopefully at …

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July 2020 Update: QCX+, QSX, uSDX, BITX40, Drone, Suburban, YouTube Channels

We’ve been pretty busy with Life Stuff, and currently are behind on several posts! In this post I’m going to give a quick update on a few projects as well as share some of the latest YouTube channels I’ve been enjoying when my brain is too tired to do anything else. QCX + Update The …

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SSB and Digital with… a QCX?

In January 2019, a ham named Guido, PE1NNZ posted to the QRP Labs group. The title of the post was “QCX-SSB: SSB with your QCX transceiver“.If you’re familiar with the QCX, then you’ll realize that this is a profound statement! The QCX is a high performance 5w CW transceiver. So how on earth did …

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Easy Bitx: More details, Tentative Pricing and Release Date

Update 5/11/2020: Article updated to reflect correct information regarding band availability Ever since HF Signals discontinued the BITX40, there’s been a gap in the available SSB QRP kits out there. Sure, there’s the uBITX, but that’s more complicated multi-band radio. For a beginner, a single band radio is easier to build and understand. Thankfully, the …

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JS8Call is Growing: You can help!

JS8Call is growing, and you can help! Learn about the latest changes and how any FT8 user can make a difference with JS8Call

QSX Update and Winter Project Ideas

Most of us have been waiting patiently for the QSX, but some have been waiting a little less patiently. Unfortunately this has put a lot of pressure on Hans over at QRP Labs, but he’s stood his ground: It’ll be ready when it’s ready, because quality comes first. And to that we say, bravo! Given …

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