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Fall/Winter 2022 Update… Let the 3d Printing Begin!

Hey everyone, I’m very sorry for the long absence. It’s been a while since I’ve written, and so much has changed. In August, I took my 1988 Suburban, loaded it up with a 12 foot UHaul trailer, and dragged all my belongings from rural Western Washington to rural Western Nevada, about 30 miles from Reno. …

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QDX Revision 3 Build Begins in REAL TIME

Hey everyone- been a busy few months lately. Between bad health, travelling, and then working hard just take care of Live Stuff, I’ve hardly had time for the Ye Olde Blog! I’ll try to write more regularly. A lot of my attention has been going to YouTube and in this series, starting with the video …

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QRP Labs QDX Rev 3 is here… all 2000 of them!

Yep, get your wallet ready: The QDX Rev 3 is here. And there’s more. There are shirts, a hat, a mug, and more. Check it out in the video below:

QDX Down! Understanding and Preventing QDX Revision 1 Failure

The QRP Labs QDX is an incredible piece of radio engineering, but the first revision had a flaw that ultimately destroyed a some of the Revision 1 radios. To be clear: Unless you bought out of the first batch of 500, this does not apply to you. The second and upcoming third batches do not …

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