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QRP Labs QDX Rev 3 is here… all 2000 of them!

Yep, get your wallet ready: The QDX Rev 3 is here. And there’s more. There are shirts, a hat, a mug, and more. Check it out in the video below:

A Custom VFO with a Custom PCB from PCBWay, and BITX Rebuild Update

As the BITX40 Rebuild gets closer to completion, I find myself wondering if I’ll ever be fully finished with it, or if it will continue as a years long project. I suspect the latter, but for the sake of completing other projects, I want to get it “finished” and leave it as-is for the time. …

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BITX Rebuild Update and Exciting News!

Just a quick update on the BITX rebuild. You’ll notice that I’m not calling it a BITX40 anymore. And, there’s some exciting news I’d like to share about a neat new placing you’ll be seeing more writing from me. Find out in the video below! Also, if you haven’t, PLEASE (okay, begging only a little) …

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First QRP Portable Ops: Failure!

I recently decided that with the amount of camping I’d like to do, I couldn’t handle sleeping in the back of my Suburban. As much as I like the rig, getting in and out is difficult at best, and there’s no room to sit up, let alone stand up. So, I bought The Tent To …

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BITX40 Rebuild Part 2: It Has Begun!

As I wrote in Part 1 of the BITX40 Rebuild Part 1, my own love affair with the BITX40 goes back to December 2016 when a gift from my wife arrived from India in the form of a BITX40v3 from HF Signals, Ashhar Farhan’s company that at the time produced just the BITX40v3. Also mentioned …

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A Personal Milestone: Published on Paper

As far back as I can remember, I have had a fondness for words and language. Even in the second grade, learning the roots of words, their suffixes and prefixes, and so many things surrounding grammar- it was all just fascinating to me. Beginnings Through Middle School and High School, English class was what I …

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Farewell, Arecibo Observatory Radio Telescope

It’s fairly unusual to have a common news item discussed in This Space, but this isn’t exactly common news. You’ve certainly heard that the platform on the Arecibo Observatory Radio Telescope collapsed today. Of course, it’s relevant here because what radio amateur hasn’t looked at the huge array at Arecibo and simply said to themselves: …

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Receiver Build Gone Wrong Part II: The Fix

The QRP Labs Receiver build was not destroyed! It is on the air now, and listening patiently for JS8 signals to filter in. It works great, and I’m a very happy ham because of it. What happened? Check the video below: Have you had experiences like this? Please, tell us about it in the comments …

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Receiver Build Gone Wrong: Proper Troubleshooting and Accepting Failure

Last night I wrapped up the build of my QRP Labs Receiver project and fired it up. I’ll give more detail about the project itself when it’s done, but as the title says, it didn’t go right. In fact, I destroyed the receiver with the flip of a switch! Rather than expound on it here, …

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Backpack SDR: A modular QRP SDR Transceiver

Edited 12/13/20 to reflect the move to from Facebook Today I wanted to post about a new SDR project called “Backpack SDR” that’s taking shape. Since August, Keith Myles, VE3IFT has been sharing pictures of his Backpack SDR transceiver project on the Amateur QRP Radio group on Facebook: What is the Backpack SDR? The …

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