JS8 Ragchew vs. Heartbeat

QRP Labs Goes Digital: The QDX Arrives!

A Custom VFO with a Custom PCB from PCBWay, and BITX Rebuild Update

As the BITX40 Rebuild gets closer to completion, I find myself wondering if I’ll ever be fully finished with it, or if it will continue as a years long project. I suspect the latter, but for the sake of completing other projects, I want to get it “finished” and leave it as-is for the time. We’ll see how reality turns out! There have been several updates since my last post, so be sure to check them out on YouTube and Subscribe 🙂

A Custom PCB for a Custom VFO thanks to PCBWay

Full disclosure: If you click any PCBWay links on my site I get credit toward future PCB orders.

Two years ago, PCBWay contacted me and said they wanted to sponsor a PCB order in exchange for some coverage on the blog. I agreed, because it’s a direction I intended to go anyway. I didn’t know it would take two years to make it happen, though. PCBWay was very patient with me, and I’m really thankful. I’ve documented the design below, and further down you can see the PCB’s that came in the mail. They’re beautiful, and if they don’t work, it’ll surely be my fault! Thanks PCBWay! Regardless of sponsorship, I recommend checking them out. They have a great reputation among makers in general, and it’s not hard to see why.

Check out the videos below, and watch this space for some updates coming soon!


    • Doug W on September 29, 2021 at 9:59 AM
    • Reply

    meh…could have just used a 555 timer. I couldn’t help myself.
    congrats on everything fitting on your first board!

    1. A VFO based on a 555 timer… sounds interesting! And thanks 😀

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