QRP Labs QDX Rev 3 is here… all 2000 of them!

Fall/Winter 2022 Update… Let the 3d Printing Begin!

QDX Revision 3 Build Begins in REAL TIME

Hey everyone- been a busy few months lately. Between bad health, travelling, and then working hard just take care of Live Stuff, I’ve hardly had time for the Ye Olde Blog! I’ll try to write more regularly.

A lot of my attention has been going to YouTube and in this series, starting with the video below, we’re building a QDX Rev3 in REAL TIME. No edits, just building one or two stages at a time until it’s done. Won’t you join the fun?


  1. Through the large amount of SMT parts, the build isn’t that hard (unless you hate / have trouble winding toroids) but it’s a fun kit build. Enjoy the build Ryan and continue making these video’s.

    Personal I would like to see a through hole version of the QDX to allow more room for experimenting. But know how busy Hans is, I think that may never be added to the QRP-Labs catalogue.

    73 Lex PH2LB

    1. Hey Lex, I agree- a through hole version could be a lot of fun! But at the same time, the economy goes right out the window. Right now it’s so inexpensive because of how much of it can be pre-fabbed, meaning there’s quite a lot less kit to build. I did see somebody made their own interpretation of the QDX using similar methods, but I can’t recall where I saw the project.

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