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QSX Update and Winter Project Ideas

QRP-Labs goes QRO!

QRP Labs has announced a new kit: A 50W Amplifier for the QCX series of CW transceivers! And get this: It’s only $29.50! Given the cost of much of the lousy kits available on ebay and other importer sites that hardly have any instructions, this is a fantastic deal. It’s a Class C amp suitable for CW use (Sorry, no SSB here) and also includes everything needed to build it.


It’s got solid state Transmit and Receive switching, 25-50W output based on input voltage, and full QSK operation. This is a fantastic kit for all you QCX owners looking for a little more oomph during this solar minimum. Click the images below to be redirected to QRP-Labs.com and order your new Amplifier and enclosure!

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