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September Trike and Welder Update

September isn’t over, but it’s been a busy month with lots of progress! In the August Update, I mentioned that the welder I had just wasn’t cutting it. The Misc Dot Welder from last year was an exciting purchase, with a promise of delivering 50A of power which is enough to do anything I need for this build. Unfortunately, it was probably putting out half of that.

The solution presented itself in the form of a 110/220V 160A Welder that I purchased on Amazon. The “ZENY Arc Welding Machine” was inexpensive and performs far better than the junk that it replaced. I am now able to fully weld 3/16″ steel without any trouble, all on a 20A 115V circuit. This is the welder that I got, and if you’re looking for a welder, this is probably one of the best deals you’ll find:

While I had tacked up the rear frame which contains holds the two rear wheels, the old welder wasn’t able to do more than the tack welds. The new welder made it possible to finish welding that together and much much more. See the gallery below for information on progress that’s been made.

Looking for more information?

The Trike is now named the “Tri-Meridian”, referencing the Meridian Recumbent DIY Bicycle plans produced at, which this trike is based on. I have a build thread going on their forums, and I welcome you to join! It’s a great community: Small but growing with folks like us joining their ranks all the time. The build thread can be found here:


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    • David J. Wilcox on September 23, 2019 at 2:36 AM
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    Neat Ryan. Not into biking any more but enjoy following your interests and enthusiasm. Hope your wife is doing better.

    Dave K8WPE

    1. Hi David thanks for the comment! I took down the post about my wife because I couldn’t stand to see it on the first page, it was a hard thing to post to begin with. She’s doing about the same, but the support of friends, family, and readers has helped her to be sustained further and keep trying treatments that can help her, hopefully. Thanks again 🙂

    • Roger Olson on September 24, 2019 at 5:36 AM
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    Welder looks great would have liked to see the bike thro. Ad covered most of the pictures. That’s what I get for using Google the ad kings

    1. Sounds like you might have adware on your computer. I build this site with and use Google Chrome and don’t have any issues with ads covering anything, and that’s without an ad blocker. If you haven’t, download and run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. It’s free and will get rid of quite a lot of junk. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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