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Salvaging old CB’s for QRP Parts: Part 4

In the previous three installments, we tore down two old CB’s and an even older tube based CB linear amplifier. Those teardowns were a lot of fun and a great way to look at the way things used to be done before frequency synthesis took over. In this final CB teardown, we’re going to look …

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Easy Bitx: More details, Tentative Pricing and Release Date

Update 5/11/2020: Article updated to reflect correct information regarding band availability Ever since HF Signals discontinued the BITX40, there’s been a gap in the available SSB QRP kits out there. Sure, there’s the uBITX, but that’s more complicated multi-band radio. For a beginner, a single band radio is easier to build and understand. Thankfully, the …

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Salvaging old CB’s for QRP Parts: Part 3

In this third installment of Salvaging old CB’s for QRP Parts, we’re taking a slightly different turn. I still have another CB to tear into for the next post, but for this one, we’re changing it up a bit. Pictured below is a Mystery Box Thing that I purchased at a garage sale. It was …

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Salvaging old CB’s for QRP Parts: Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of “Salvaging old CB’s for QRP Parts”! In part 1 of this series, we described how we found a bin of CB radios and accessories at an estate sale some time back. The first radio we salvaged for parts was a Pace CB 145. The radio was disassembled to see …

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Finishing a QRP Guys Para40Set

A few weeks ago, David KA4ZUC posted on the QRP Amateur Radio Facebook group: He was unable to finish his Para40Set radio kit because of some physical limitations, and asked if he could pay somebody to wind the T1 toroid for him. Apparently, another ham had done so for a fee, but did it wrong. …

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QCX Kit Giveaway!

Giveaway Closed Entries have been closed as promised at 5PM PDT on April 17th- Thanks for coming in, and check the comments below for some great reasons to get a QCX 🙂 Please see to see who won! Original Post I try to avoid headlines with exclamation marks, but this one deserves it! MiscDotGeek …

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Excellent QRP, Homebrew, and DIY YouTube Channels Worth Checking Out

In this post, we’re simply going to show you some YouTube channels that you should check out, and subscribe to them if you like them. First up is Mark, G0MGX. His channel focuses on QRP Homebrew, and he has a great approach to how he builds. Here has an excellent series on scratch building a …

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The BITX Easy is Almost Here!

5/10/20: Updated information here: Hey everyone, been pretty busy and haven’t had a chance to keep up with some developments on the BITX Easy, but Sunil has been posting some tantalizing pictures on Facebook the last few days. If you’re not familiar with the BITX Easy, check out these posts: Sunil has posted pictures …

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Review: More Hand-Carried QRP Antennas

Ever since I restarted with ham radio in 2016, I have looked up to Peter Parker, VK3YE. His extensive coverage of various topics on his YouTube channel was inspiring, and you can see his influence throughout These Pages, such as the VK3YE inspired L-Match tuner. My own perception of QRP radio was greatly influenced by …

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JS8Call is Growing: You can help!

JS8Call is growing, and you can help! Learn about the latest changes and how any FT8 user can make a difference with JS8Call