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Lately I’ve been focusing on automotive projects simply because I really need to get my 1988 Suburban fixed up.  There’s a lot of work to be done- most of it simple cleaning and electrical, with some basic parts replacements to fix some door and window problems. I’ll be posting the fixes as I go along. Lets start with the simplest, easiest fix I’ve run across in years.

Fixing Slamming Doors

The Suburban needs a number of things done to it, so you’re bound to seeing more posts about car stuff. One of the more annoying everyday issues I’ve been having to deal with has a surprisingly simple fix!

Closing the doors has been hard- they have to be slammed, otherwise they rattle partly open and have to be re-opened and slammed harder.  This is not only annoying but a little bit embarrassing. I joined the gmsquarebody.com forum and one of the other members suggested a fix that worked wonderfully and cost me all of $3!

How to fix doors that have to be slammed

  1. Go to your local hardware store
  2. Buy 1/2″ PEX pipe for $2-3
  3. Hold the PEX up to your door striker, and mark the length of the striker shaft on the PEX with a pen.
  4. Cut the PEX to size using the any old saw you might have.
  5. Slot the PEX lengthwise so that it can open up and go over the striker
  6. Put it on the striker
  7. Be amazed as your car door closes with the slightest nudge

Here’s what the results looked like on my Suburban:

GM Slamming Door Fix

One piece of the PEX will do all four doors on a Suburban, and all your friends slamming GM doors too! You can find the original post with pictures here: http://www.gmsquarebody.com/threads/fix-slamming-doors-striker-door-latch-repair.624/

Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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