Adventures in Servers

Garage Sale Find: Sangean ATS 505

Adventures in Servers, Part II

In my previous post I mentioned that as a result of a company-wide layoff, my company-supplied server was going to go away. What to do? I think I got it all covered. I wrote up the majority of my adventure at Tidbits For Techs, my Other Blog where I talk about the grittier side of things. You can check out the exact blog post at

One nice thing about this is that aside from documenting every step, it means I can actually reproduce the same build over and over again, which might come in handy. Virtualmin is a really neat Open Source web control panel. It’s definitely not cPanel, but it’s quite good especially for the price (free!). It also uses my favorite MTA (Postfix) and tends to do things The Linux Way which is nice.

This Blog and the Other Blog are both hosted on my Virtualmin server, hosted at OVH. For $13.49/mo I get 2 cores, 40GB disk, and 8GB memory. That’s hard to beat! And it’s screaming fast. Anyhow, that’s about it. Next up I’ll show off my latest garage sale find!

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